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Cormacs Comics #2; Toothpickman (& Associates)


Cormac is back with his wild and wonderful world of heroes and comics.

This is a behind the scenes peek into how these characters are created. Cormac can spends seconds, sometimes even minutes in sketch design and backstory development. As he does here.

In truth he just comes out with moments of genius left, right and centre with no preparation but I was struggling to get him to do some writing on the day he drew/wrote this piece so this was a compromise.

Today, 29th April 2015, was a little different. Tomorrow is the 30th of April. That may not ring a bell for us all.

We were discussing the American War or Vietnam War, whatever you want to call it, and we were describing our amazement at how the folks here in Vietnam don’t seem to harbour much hatred toward the Americans (or Australians) that reigned terror down on this country. They seem to have moved on. Even tonight on the eve of the 40th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon and the surrender of the South Vietnamese Puppet Government there seems so little vitriol.

(Yep, thats right, this is the sort of stuff we talk to our 8 year old son about.)

Cormac summed it up like this;

“Its like swimming. If you don’t keep moving you get cold.”

2 comments on “Cormacs Comics #2; Toothpickman (& Associates)

  1. EPIC! We love toothpick man. Was this comic idea in anyway inspired by the Captain Underpants or Treehouse series of books. Our boys love those.

    • dougalynch

      We do love Captain Underpants. Great story. The life story of the writer is great too. He had all sorts of learning difficulties and look at him now!

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