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Aoifes Opinion. Accommodation Review #4; Dalat Train Villas.

We took a four-hour bus to Dalat from Nha Trang. It was quite a busy ride but not bad.

We stayed at Dalat Train Villas. It is called “Dalat Train Villas” because the owner (who is a train nerd) bought some train tracks and a train carriage, and now it is a little café in which you have breakfast, lunch and dinner (If you don’t go out).IMG_3489

Our rooms were in renovated old French Villas. Every villa was built in the first half of the ‘20th century.


Dalat was developed by the French as a “Hill Station” after Alexandre Yersin travelled through the area on an expedition.

Alexandre Yersin was a Swiss-French doctor who discovered the cause of the Plague. He lived in Vietnam for most of his life. Yersin thought that the cooler temperatures at high altitude would be good for peoples’ health and recovering from tropical diseases.


Dalat was a lot cooler then the other places in Vietnam that we had visited. It is known for growing berries, artichokes, flowers and making Dalat Wine.


We moved rooms’ twice-

First rooms-Three nights, nice.

Second room-One night, fabulous.

Third room-One night, good.

I rate Dalat Train Villas a 6/10.

We stayed in Dalat for five nights, it was supposed to be three, but because of all big public holidays we couldn’t get any transport to the next place. Papa looked at four different places but they were all booked! He also looked at some escape routes. We were trapped in Dalat!


When we finally got transport out of Dalat, it was pretty weird, but that’s for next time…………………………………………….

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