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Hammockery #1; Hanging out with the Wrong People?

This is an introduction to a new series of articles here on LessBaggage.

The basic idea is to challenge what people think can be done in a Hammock.

I sleep almost exclusively in a Hammock. I like to do so everywhere and anywhere. I try to get away with sleeping in places that are far from perfect, even slightly silly, because I want to. I want to because I sleep better in a hammock but also because it’s fun. I could stay in the forests and have a very nice time but I also want to get above the tree-line, cross the deserts and walk barren coastlines. Not all walks have places as cute as this;


The most common problem I have is on the surface much simpler than these environments; camping out with friends. I am talking about the uninitiated, the bottom dwellers, the tent sleepers and the mat inflaters. I am no snob. I don’t want to suggest that my way is better. I just want to be able to sleep in my hammock in the places that tent people or mountain hut people congregate. I usually walk alone but I also love to walk some of my best friends. They bring me to new places. I get to have new experiences.

Take my closest and most important outdoor co-conspirator; Kel Dennis. He is from North West Tasmania and has spent as much of his life as he can in the wilds of West Tasmania and beyond. He is a rock climber and alpinist, he is stronger, tougher, smarter and more experienced than I. He sleeps in tents and huts and he likes to sip fine whiskey when he gets to the end of a long day. I do too and I prefer to share that tipple with him. So I try to find a hammock site near him.

I like my hammock set up but I am making it look hard by setting it up in crappy places. I would prefer to present the hammock alternative in a positive light. I spend a little time worrying and researching before these whiskey assisted walks looking for photos of the places we may end up staying so that I can work out the big question; “Can I do that in a Hammock?

So I am not hanging out with the wrong people, I am hanging out with the right people but with the minor issue that they do not hang out.

Here is my plan; Each time I go on a walk with non-hammockeers I will study the campsites and huts and look for decent hammock spots and record them here. I won’t try to give you all the details of the trails and routes. That stuff is done much better by other people with more patience than I. I will not talk about all the places you can set up a dream hang if you are alone or with other hammock users. We all know that stuff. This series will be about walks, hikes, tramps, tracks, routes that have conspicuous places to stop and shelter for hut and tent users and answer the question; “Can I do that in a Hammock?


First up will be Frenchmans Cap. An epic and utterly beautiful walk in Tasmania, Australia.

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