Less Baggage Less Stuff Less Procrastination

A different kind of travelogue. As an avid young traveller I often wondered what would it would be like when I got older, gathered commitments, created children and accrued debt. This is what it's like.

Grand Tour 2015 #9; Nha Trang.

Nha Trang is a well established tourist destination on the south coast of Vietnam. It’s just not the sort of place we go. Maybe I am a snob. It’s a … Continue reading

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Cormacs Comics #2; Toothpickman (& Associates)

Cormac is back with his wild and wonderful world of heroes and comics. This is a behind the scenes peek into how these characters are created. Cormac can spends seconds, … Continue reading

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Grand Tour 2015 #8; Another World

Nha Trang. Its brave new world of long established russian tourism, a great big beach and a lot less rubbish. Backpackers and parties. Cocktails and sun and sand and kite … Continue reading

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Grand Tour 2015 #7; Joining the main stream

Good Night to the sun. And hello to the next phase. We left our two faced world of Ho Tram Beach; rubbish and fishermen versus luxury and protected community. I … Continue reading

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Grand Tour 2015 #6; Fishing Villages & Tourist Beaches

Ho Tram Beach. A very real Vietnamese fishing village with very real Vietnamese Fishermen, fishing boats and indeed fish. And rubbish. Lots of rubbish. Then there is the surreal. There … Continue reading

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Grant Tour 2015 #5; Seafood or Sealife

A working Beach. A beach that is worked. Not a beach that is stared at and enjoyed as an aesthetic thing. Not a romantic notion. Working beaches have boats dragged … Continue reading

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Grand Tour 2015 #4; Sea Creatures (Them and Us)

Food. One of the most amazing things about Vietnam has been the food. People rave about it. There are TV shows about it. My beloved absolutely adores it. But its … Continue reading

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Road Schooling #1; Bad Day at School

Some things are hard. Teaching is hard. I think being a good teacher is one of the most difficult and one of the most valuable jobs there is. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Aoife’s Opinion; Accommodation Review #2 “Hotel Majestic”

For our first two nights in Vietnam we stayed in Hotel Majestic in Ho Chi Minh City. It was built in 1925. It is very “cheesy” though. They seemed to … Continue reading

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Grand Tour 2015 #3; The Route So Far

The hair is getting big. The Chilli tolerance is growing. The bags are getting smaller. In fact we are already chucking stuff out. Turns out we could go lighter. We … Continue reading

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Big Hair #3

Its Monday. This trip is only one week old and the hair is getting big. Dominique cleverly tried to minimise her hair before this trip. Thats the spirit; LessBaggage Less … Continue reading

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Cormacs Comics; #1 “C-Man & the Evil Child Eating School”

Its a pretty surreal world from the Cormac Point of View. Watch out Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, Stan Lee, Brian Michael Bendis and company! Read the strip and listen to … Continue reading

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Aoife’s Opinion; Accommodation Review #1 “Sanctuary Resort”

Hey! I’m Aoife. Yesterday we arrived in Sanctuary after a pretty freaky two hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. It’s in Ho Tram Beach. It is a kind of … Continue reading

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Slow boat down the Mekong – from Pak Beng to Luang Prabang

Originally posted on Jill's Scene:
The Mekong is the 12th largest river in the world. It rises on the Tibetan Plateau, flows through Yunnan province in China, into Burma,…

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Sleep. The elusive and essential luxury. Travel with Kids Sleep laboratory #1

I love to travel. We, as a family, love it too but its mostly me that drives it. We, as a family, are not very good at sleeping. Bad sleeping … Continue reading

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Grand Tour 2015 #2; Airports and Auld Chums

Comedy Airport Hook Ups! So I’m sat in the airport sending goodbye messages to people I’m going to miss when Dr Martin Bicket, legendary Bon Vivant, man of the people … Continue reading

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Grand Tour 2015 #1; It begins.

At last. We are finally on the road. It’s been years in the making. Jobs had to be lined up. A big fat gap in jobs had to be created. … Continue reading

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Zoolander; I am a male Model.

Last year I went to an very cool course in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia. The Course was for doctors, paramedics and nurses that work in Expedition Medicine. I … Continue reading

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Grand Tour 2015; Planning, Planning.

It’s a week to go. We head off on a 5-6 month Asian & European adventure. Dominique, the kids & I. Packing has started. Thinking about packing has been a … Continue reading

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Progress on the Young Adventurer front!

Unexpected discovery on the floor in the kitchen today. That, my friends, is a Dart River Dart! Progress on getting-my-kids-interested-in-the-outdoors front. Thanks again @topoapnz

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Microadventure Report #2; An 8 year olds birthday party

One thing I want to do this year is translate all my enthusiasm for being outdoors into some more activity with my children. I don’t want my walking, climbing, paragliding … Continue reading

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Big Trip Report #2; Kay Creek and Fraser Creek.

It’s the little things that make it special. New Zealand. South Island. Otago. Queenstown. Lake Wakatipu. Caples Track. These are big things. The South Island is just a bit too … Continue reading

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Travel Resource # 1; Paperback Carrier? Has Tripadvisor killed the Guidebook?

In this age of electronic everything and Books on iPads and smartphones I still prefer a guidebook when such a thing is justified. They are big and heavy and end … Continue reading

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Free Thing of the day #2; www.topomap.co.nz

You have got to love good free stuff. I often wonder how publishing maps can be a money making exercise. I mean how many of these topographic maps would have … Continue reading

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Trip Report #1; Big Hair. Lessons in South Island.

You have got to Love New Zealand. I live in Australia. I work in the dry, dry desert. This landscape in utterly ancient, it is low, its is dry, it … Continue reading

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Microadventure Report #3: Hipster “Parkour” Hammock Camp at the “Melbourne Trail Head”

Planes. Planes. Planes. In my professional and personal life I spend a lot of time in airports and in aircraft. Despite my love of the wilderness I have to spend … Continue reading

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Microadventure Report #2: A very big Microadventure.

You have to live. I have one of the best jobs in the world and I cannot complain but I don’t live to work. I work to live and in … Continue reading

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Free Thing of the Day #1 or “Ode to a plastic bag”

  Every now and again I fall impossibly in love with a small every day item. Today its a plastic bag. That’s inspired by an 8 day walk I completed … Continue reading

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Short Trip Report #1; Melbourne

Just back from Melbourne. I’ve been low on Urban Exposure in recent months. It was excellent. 10 days duration. 1 bag. Tom Binh TriStar. Carry on compatible. It was all … Continue reading

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Microadventure Report #1; One Night On The Gulf Of Carpentaria

Waking up in Pormpuraaw.

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Big Bird

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Big Hair #1

One of the best indicators of how long my family have been on the road is how big the hair gets. Heres my daughter sporting 8 days road trip hair … Continue reading

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Less Partial Pressure

Last year we moved up here. Up here into the tropics. Up into the clouds. My work carries me high into the sky before it brings me down, down hard … Continue reading

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The other day my son drew a picture. It’s an everyday occurrence. This picture was special for me though. He had to draw a picture of his favourite thing that … Continue reading

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A Start

With a healthy dose of doubt I seem to be starting this endeavour.

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