Less Baggage Less Stuff Less Procrastination

A different kind of travelogue. As an avid young traveller I often wondered what would it would be like when I got older, gathered commitments, created children and accrued debt. This is what it's like.

About This Less Baggage Thing

Whats it all about?

I’m not sure yet. It changes from day to day.

It is a different sort of travelogue. When I was younger I really travelled hard. I took every opportunity to travel. I would travel near and far. I lived in my first car. I lived in my second car. My third car never worked but my fourth car racked up serious milage all over Europe. I back packed, I trekked, I hitched, I climbed, I sailed, I never wanted to stop. I still don’t. I lived on $5 a day. I lived on boats. I lived.

All the time when I was travelling I would meet other young travellers. Great fun usually but sometimes it is depressing how some travellers have so little knowledge of where they are, never mind who they are.

Often the most interesting travellers were the older ones with more stories. But I was most impressed with the travellers with young families. I often wondered if I could do that. If I could stay moving when everything seems to say stop, put down roots, make things easy for yourself, provide stability for your children. I wondered what it would be like when I had mortgages, a job, pets, veggie patches, in-laws and children.

This is what it is like.

I really just started playing with a blog format. I was practicing for another blog called www.TheTopEnd.org which is all about my work; Aeromedical Doctoring.

This blog focuses on my play; Travel, backpacking, hill walking, tramping, hammocking, tents, ultralight equipment, bikes, folding bikes, kayaks, packrafts, paragliding, vegetarianism, moving your own sorry ass, anti-materialism, being a grown up but with a childs enthusiasm, hedonistic minimalism and all of the above through the eyes of a parent trying to get my kids into this sort of thing.

Less Baggage, the name of the site, refers to travelling light. It works on a physical and a meta-physical level.

This might involve less actual physical luggage, less emotional baggage, less material possessions, I could go on.

This journey will involve change. Change is good.

The major Feature of 2015 was the #GrandTour. 1 Family 2 Kids 5 Months 20 Countries and Carry-On Luggage only. The challenges of a half vegetarian family “road-schooling” their way around the world. My kids will be putting up posts when I can make it enough fun to do so. You could call them guest bloggers; Cormac is 8 and Aoife is 10.

I am 42. I should have the answers to life the universe and everything. But I don’t.

9 comments on “About This Less Baggage Thing

  1. Mauricette Sanders

    What a wonderful idea this grand tour! I can imagine all the hours of preparation that went into it! Brave parents!
    How was the idea born? How long did it take before you decided yes, we’ll do it?

    • dougalynch

      There is a story in that too.
      It deserves a longer reply than I can muster right now but I will ponder upon it and get back to you.

    • dougalynch

      To tell you the truth I am always thinking about this sort of thing and planning this sort of thing….
      It’s more a case of making sure that everyone else is in board.
      If we all thought like I do we would live on a boat and move around constantly living in comfort but spending as little as possible.
      I’m learning to sail with this in mind but being able to sail and being able to sail around the world are slightly different things!

  2. Lovely to meet another family like us that likes to travel, blog and thinks less is more. ❤

    • dougalynch

      Hello to you SabretoothedChickensTour. Thanks for the cheery hello. Where are you now. On the road or on the rack?

  3. Yes. Just posted up our route on our blog. Not long now 🙂

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