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Zoolander; I am a male Model.

Last year I went to an very cool course in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia.

The Course was for doctors, paramedics and nurses that work in Expedition Medicine. I am a doctor in another life. (Shhhhhh)

The course was run by a very interesting chap called Andrew Peacock ( Instagram; @footloosefotography) that has managed to combine his career as a Doctor, Expedition Medic, Expedition Leader and Photographer. This is not an easy thing to do and its an interesting thing to learn about the sacrifices Andrew has made to follow his heart.

The course was just one of a suite of courses that the organisation runs world wide; http://www.expeditionmedicine.com.au (I have my heart set on the New Zealand Whitewater Rescue etc course.)

I woke up today to a message this morning from Andrew warning me that a photograph he had taken of me in my Hummingbird Hammock and been picked up and used by a website http://www.TheClymb.com

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 7.40.04 am

Funnily enough I felt rather like that this morning though I wasn’t hungover on either occasion. (I promise.)

On that day I wanted to get up at dawn to record an interview with Dr Andrew which I will be posting soon. He had to wake me up. That’s the nature of camping in a hammock, you’re likely to sleep in! He did this with a great big fat camera and the photo above is literally seconds after I opened my eyes; clearly those eyes were not ready!

Andrew had asked me to sign a Model Release Contract after we did the interview. He had an idea to publish it with a story in The Australian newspaper. Its a funny world. That a photograph of me might be taken and then used for something totally unrelated is part and parcel of the photography business. But new for me. I feel for Mr “Blue Steel”.

The “Hammock Hangover” Photo was used to sell hammocks. Thats Okay. TheClymb.com had Grand Trunk and Trek Light hammocks for sale. Both excellent hammocks. I felt a little for Chris Loidolt and his new company http://www.hummingbirdhammocks.com as I was in one of his very fine and very light Single+ hammocks. Chris brings his Skydiving past into his Hammock making present and its a pretty nice mix-up.

Still. People in Hammocks. It’s a good thing.

2 comments on “Zoolander; I am a male Model.

  1. Mauricette Sanders

    More modelling in the future, Doctor Lynch?

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